Specialty Series - Colombia Tambo Cold Brew 375ml

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Specialty Series - Colombia Tambo Cold Brew 375ml

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Welcome to our Specialty Cold Brew Series! These are one off batches of cold brew experiments that are only available here, directly from our online store! Numbers are rather limited, depending on the product and we’ll keep switching it up.

This is the Colombia Tambo. Details below

375ml bottle.

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This cold brew is made from coffee from El Tambo region of Colombia.

It’s a specialty grade coffee which means it’s a lot more flavoursome and unique than a coffee that’s been blended and sold through normal coffee channels. This coffee was imported by Cofinet, who have direct relationships with farmers in some key growing regions. It was roasted by our friends at Strictly Coffee in Dunedin to a medium roast.

You’ll find this cold brew has a gentle acidity with flavours of grapefruit, forest fruit and a nice chocolaty undertone.

Drink it over ice, exactly as it is. Be sure to share it.

Follow @cofi_net on instagram to see images directly from the farmers growing the coffee.

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